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Shop Dialogs

Shop Dialogs

5 min

Dialog shops are easy to create and can be made to sell many different items, such as weapons, cars, or upgrades. They can also be used in a wide range of games from adventure games to RPGs. In this tutorial will be going over how to make a weapons shop.

What’s First?

As the shop is going to sell weapons, we will need to select at least one weapon to sell in the shop. There are some great weapons in the “Tools & Weapons” category of the Toolbox.

Now that we have a weapon we can get started. The weapon(s) should be located in the Workspace, and we need put any weapons into ReplicatedStorage. Rename the weapon to “Weapon1”, and if there is more than one weapon, name them like so: “Weapon1”, “Weapon2”, etc. At this point the ReplicatedStorage should look something like this (if there is more than one weapon, it will look slightly different):


Making The Shop

The Seller

In a shop there is always someone behind the counter ready to help you, and we now need to make this person. This seller can be as creative as you want her to be; for this tutorial, I will be using a basic Part inside a Model. We now need to insert a Dialog into the seller, make sure that the part you insert it into is named “Head”. Next we will need to insert a Humanoid into the Model of the seller.

To insert a Dialog go to Insert -> Object -> Dialog.

The Shop

Now that we have the seller set up and ready to sell some weapons, we need to make the actual shop. To make the shop we will use DialogChoice and DialogChoice/ResponseDialog to ask questions and give answers.

To start, select the Dialog that was created and in the properties window change the Dialog/Purpose value to “Shop”. In the properties window again change the Dialog/InitialPrompt value to whatever the shop keeper should say when the player interacts with her, I will be using “Welcome to my shop!”.

Next we will add the options the shopper can choose to ask the seller, we will do this by inserting a DialogChoice into the Dialog . To insert a DialogChoice go to

Insert -> Object - > DialogChoice.

In the properties window change the DialogChoice/UserDialog value to “May I browse your goods?” and the DialogChoice/ResponseDialog value to “Sure!”.

Note: Any of the above text in quotations can be changed, it does not affect the shop.

Next we will need to Insert some more DialogChoices into the DialogChoice we just made, insert as many DialogChoices as you do weapons. Rename them from “ChoiceA” to whatever amount of weapons you are selling, so if there were three weapons they would go from “ChoiceA” to “ChoiceC”.

The Dialog should now look something like this:

Make The Shop Do Stuff

To make the shop work we will need to insert a Script into the Dialog inside the seller’s head. Inside the script copy the following code:

Note: The code below uses a "Leaderboard.