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Default Avatar Clothing

Default Avatar Clothing

Aug 29 2019, 9:23 AM PST 2 min

Shirts and Pants are automatically applied to an avatar when either category is missing an item.
Here are the exact rules for when the shirts and pants are applied:

Rules (Pseudo Code)

local applyShirt = false
local applyPants = false
if torsoColor == rightLegColor and torsoColor == leftLegColor then
    if not wearing pants then
         if not wearing shirt then

Body Color Epsilon

Body colors that are too close to each other in RGB value will not be considered different colors. The difference in color is calculated with a delta-epsilon of 11.4 (RGB) or more between the closest 2 body colors.

Colors of Default Clothing

Default clothing comes in 8 different colors. The colors are assigned to usernames in a random manner. This method is the same as how Roblox assigns color to the in-game chat usernames.

Default clothing colors map to the in-game chat colors on usernames:

Color Default Clothing
Brick Yellow Teal
Light reddish violet Pink
Bright red Red
Bright violet Purple
Earth green Green
Bright yellow Yellow
Bright orange Orange
Bright blue Blue
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