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Earning Commissions

Earning Commissions

Aug 29 2019, 9:22 AM PST 2 min

Commissions are an economic feature which allowsany user to gain a profit off of nothing but time and patience, regardless if that user does or doesn’t have a membership or is/isn’t a 13+ account. Commissions are given and received in Robux. Commissions involve advertising gear from the catalog on your game page to earn a percentage of the total cost that the gear sells for.

How do commissions work?

Commissions are simple—you add gear from the catalog to be viewed on your game page and hope that people buy them. Gear being advertised on your game page is automatically allowed into your game, meaning that if a player owns or buys a gear that is being advertised on a game page they are allowed to use the gear in that game and will spawn with it. Per each gear sold, the person advertising the gear on their game page receives 10% of the price that the gear was bought for. Let’s do the math: say you add a gear to your game page that sells for 100 Robux, you’ll receive 10 Robux that being 10% of 100 is 10 (100 * 0.10 = 10).

How to add gear to your game page


To add gear to your game page, first, find the gear that you would like to sell on your game page. Once found, go to its page and click the blue “Add to Game” button (shown on the image to the left.) Select a game that’s your showcase from the drop-down menu and click the blue “Add to Game” button (shown on the image to the right.)

A word of advice

Keep in mind that the more money the gear costs, the more money you receive in return when that gear is bought. However, it is important to note that less expensive gear is more likely to sell. Also keep in mind that gear is more likely to be bought off your game page if it is seen more often—meaning that the more popular your game is, the better chances there are of gears on your game page selling.

Viewing commissions


Commissions are viewable under the My Transactions tab found on the My Money page by setting the Transaction Type to “Commissions”. Information found on this page can tell you the following about commissions received:

  • The date that the commission was received

  • The total income that was received

  • The gear that was purchased

  • The user that purchased the gear

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  • monetization