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Aug 29 2019, 9:27 AM PST 10 min

Groups are special groups in which Robloxians are able to join. They help keep track of all the members, so, if for example, it’s a “clan” or war group, you know when to join them for a large battle or if it’s a building group, then maybe to help out building a new place. With access to the group wall, group shouts and the group store the Groups system really helps keep your group of friends together!


Making a group requires any sort of Builder’s Club membership, along with Robux|100. This is a one time fee which you must pay in order to register your group. While the ability to join groups is free for all Robloxians, you are limited to a certain amount of groups that you may join at any one time. The amount of groups you may be in at any one time depends on which Builders Club membership you own, if any.

Builder's Club Membership Max # of Groups
No membership 5
Builder's Club 10
Turbo Builder's Club 25
Outrageous Builder's Club 100

Joining a group can be a lot of fun, and can encourage you to build and create places, fight in games, and socialize with many other players around Roblox. Groups are a great way to get resources, communicate, and collaborate on projects.


Let’s start at the top of the page, then! The first thing you notice if you look at the very top of the page is the Search Bar, the search bar is useful for locating any groups which you have heard of or any groups that you may be interested in.

Group Search new.png

When you search for a group, you will be presented with a list of all groups which are related to what you searched. If you do not search for anything, it’ll display the groups by member count. ‘Note that the member count on the group search page is inaccurate, and the number you use to reference how many players in a group should be the number displayed on the group’s page underneath "Owned by: ".’ The group search page includes information such as a brief description of the group, the group’s logo, an inaccurate count of how many members are within the group and whether or not the group is invite-only. This information can be extremely useful while looking for a group as it will allow you to look through a number of groups and see a bunch of important information about the groups very easily.

Furthermore, whenever you search for a group, depending on what you searched for and how many groups fit that description, there may be a number of different pages for you to look through. Therefore, if you’re unable to locate a group that interests you on the first page, try hitting the “Next” button at the bottom of the page to see more groups related to what you searched.


The first thing many people notice, besides the logo, whenever they load a group’s page is the group’s description. This description often includes details about what the group does and what sort of members they’re looking for. Usually, you will find useful information here about the group’s function, which may answer questions you may have about the group.

Adding onto this, within the description box you will also notice the group logo’s, your rank and the group shout, if you have permission to see it. The group logo is able to give you a small insight on what the group is able to offer and often may be able to show you the style or theme of the group that you’re looking at. The “My Rank” piece of information includes your current rank in the group. Your rank in the group may be set by the group’s owner or by a group member with the ability to change members’ ranks. If you continue straight down and have permission to view it, you’ll notice the Group Shout. The group shout is indicated in a yellow “Chat Bubble”-looking box. The shout will often include updates and news related to the group. Along with this, the group shout may also include information about events which are currently being held such as a building event, raid on another group, or even links to forum pages.

Creating a Group

Maybe you’re unable to locate a group which fits your interests, or maybe you simply want to see what it is like to be a leader. You’ll want to create your own group! Creating a group on Roblox is an extremely simple task and can be completed in a matter of minutes. All you require in order to create a group of your own is a Builder’s Club membership, and Robux|100! You must also have an image to set as the group logo at the time of purchase. Note: This image can be changed by the group leader at any time.

Once you have your Builder’s Club membership, Robux|100, and logo ready, then you’re all set and create your group! The process of creating groups is simple and is pretty self-explanatory once your press the big green “Create” button, above the list of groups that you’re in. Once you have pressed it, simply input your group name, group description and upload a logo to represent the group and you’re all set to go!

Group List

On the left side of the page, you will see a list of all the groups that you are currently in. The group you are currently looking at is displayed at the top of your groups list. If you’re in more than 8 groups, you have the ability to use the scroll arrows both at the top and bottom of the group list in order to scroll through all of the groups you are in.


Continuing down the page from the description, you will notice several tabs: Clan, Personal Servers, Members, Allies, Enemies, and Store. Note: You may or may not see the Clan, Personal Servers, Allies, or Enemies tab depending on whether or not anything is in them. In the member tab, you’ll notice a list of the ranks, as well as all of the users in those ranks. The rank you are currently looking at also displays an accurate count of how many players are in that rank.


If you look directly next to the Group Description you will see the Controls menu. The Controls menu contains a number of useful groups related controls which are able to assist you in managing the group!


If you’re lucky enough to have access to the group admin panel, you will be able to locate the “Group Admin” button within the Control Panel! Within the group admin panel, you have access to a number of different features, all depending on the privileges assigned to your rank.

Group admin new.png

Within the group admin panel, there are a number of features which may be available to you, all depending on the permissions your rank has been given. Firstly, if you’re the group’s owner you have the ability to change the group’s logo, the group’s description, and the group’s role permissions. Doing this allows you to keep the group up to date with the changes occurring around Roblox.

In addition, the group owner has the ability to transfer ownership of the group to another member who has a Builder’s Club membership.

Depending on the permissions assigned to your rank, you may have access to the following features:

Name Description
View group wall Allows you to see the group's wall, where users can chat.
View group status Allows you to see the group's shout, where notices for the whole group can be displayed.
Post on group wall Allows you to post on the group's wall, where you can chat with other members of the group.
Delete group wall posts Allows you to delete posts of users whose ranks are lower than yours on the group wall.
Accept join requests Allows you to both accept and decline member join requests into the group.
Kick lower-ranked members Allows you to exile members from the group, causing them to be ranked as a "Guest"
Manage lower-ranked member ranks Allows you to change the rank of a lower ranked member. Their new rank must be lower than your own.
Manage allies and enemies Allows you to accept or decline alliance requests, along with the ability to declare another group as an enemy.
Manage the clan Allows you to invite or kick users from the group's Clan.
Create group places Allows you to affiliate a Personal Server place with a group.
Create group items Allows you to upload shirts, t-shirts, and pants to the group store.
Configure group items' Allows you to change the settings of items in the group store.
Advertise the group' Allows you to purchase advertisements to advertise the group.
Spend group funds Allows you to spend the Robux in the group's funds.
View audit log Allows you to view actions that yourself and other members of the group have performed.

Advertise Group

In the case your rank has the correct permissions, you may have the option to advertise the group. Doing this allows you to upload an advertisement to Roblox, and then bid Robux on it. All users who click on the advertisement will be directed to the group.

Create Store Items

Along with having the ability to view items within the group store, you may be lucky enough to have access to the “Can create group items” privilege! In the case you are able to access this, you will be able to upload your own Shirts, Pants, and T-Shirts to the store and help the group earn an income. Uploading your own items to the group store is just as easy as it is uploading them to your Inventory - Simply press the “Create Items” button and you’ll be on your way to adding items into the store!

Make Primary

Loving a group that you’re in and want all of Roblox to see that? Easy! You’re able to go ahead and assign a group as your primary - Doing this makes it visible under your character whenever posting on the Forums, along with having it display under your character on your profile. Doing this allows you to show your friends and anyone who views your profile the group you love.

Leave Group

If you have grown bored of a group that you once loved, you have the ability to go ahead and leave the group, however, you are able to rejoin at a later date. Upon leaving a group, you do lose your rank and you will be ranked as a group “Guest”.

Audit Log

If you’re the owner of a group, or simply a member with access to the Audit Log, you may wish to view it to see what has been occurring within the group. The Audit Log is able to show you the recent actions which have been made within the group. When you’re on the Audit Log page, you’re able to scroll through a list of possible actions along with specifying actions made by a specific user.

The use of the Audit Log can often be helpful if you wish to keep track of the higher ranking members within your group, or if you simply want to check up on activity.


Group leaders are able to buy Clans. Clans are invite-only parts of the group and can only contain a maximum of 100 members at any given time. Clans appear on the Player Points leaderboards and automatically display on the player’s profile instead of their Primary Group.


You will see a “Store” tab in the row of tabs where you located the Member tab. Clicking on this tab will bring up the group store along with a list of items for sale. Items may be added to the group store by the group Owner or by anyone with the ability to upload items to the group store. All profits gained from items within the group store go directly into the “Group Funds” which can then be used to purchase ranks or advertise the group.

When looking at the “Store” tab, you may not be seeing the entire store and therefore you may be required to click “See more items on sale by this group” - Pressing this will go ahead and redirect you to a Catalog page with all group items which are on sale.


The group wall is one of the most interactive parts of any group, it allows members from all over Robloxia to come together and speak to one another. The group wall gives you the ability to make posts which other members of the group may see, assuming they have the necessary permissions. Members with the ability to delete wall posts may remove any wall posts made by members of a lower rank.

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