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Uploading and Using Decals

Uploading and Using Decals

Aug 29 2019, 9:27 AM PST 5 min

When building in Roblox, you will sometimes need more detail on the surface of an object than simple Parts or the default materials will allow. You can insert 2D images into your game and adorn them using Decals.

Uploading an Image

The simplest method to upload an image is to use the Game Explorer. The Game Explorer is a panel in Studio used to manage many shared assets of a game, such as places, images, developer products, etc. To open the Game Explorer, simply click on the View tab and then select Game Explorer. Keep in mind that your place must be published to Roblox before the Game Explorer will show anything.


To add an image, right click on Assets in the Game Explorer and select Add Image. You will then be prompted to select an image file from your computer and to choose a name for your image. Once you have done this, click Create and your image will be added to the Game Explorer.

If you have a lot of images to upload at once, you can bulk upload by selecting Add Multiple Images instead of Add Image after right clicking on Assets. If you select this option, the images’ names will be based on the file names of the files you select.

Using Decals

Once you have an image inserted, you can include it in your game. A Decal is one of the simplest methods to include a 2d image. A decal is a type of object that will cover the entire face of a part with the selected image; the image will be scaled automatically to cover the part.

From Toolbox

The easiest way to insert a Decal is to use the Toolbox. To do this, make sure the Toolbox is open (you can open it from the Home tab or from the View tab). Next, click on the dropdown in the upper left corner and select My Decals. This will list all of the images you have uploaded. Click on the image in the Toolbox you would like to use. Now, when you hover your mouse over Parts in your game, you will see the image previewed on the surface you are hovering over. If you then click on a Part, the image will be inserted into that part as a Decal.



If you want to insert images that other users have uploaded, you can click on the dropdown in the upper left hand corner of the Toolbox and select Decals. This will fill the Toolbox with a searchable list of Decals that other users have uploaded that you are free to use in your game.

From Game Explorer

You can also insert a image as a Decal from the Game Explorer. First, select the Part you want to put the Decal on. Then, in the Game Explorer, right click on the image you want to use and select Insert. This will create a Decal and place it in the Part you have selected. Keep in mind that the Decal will automatically adorn to the Front face of the Part. If you want the Decal to be on a different face, you can select the Decal in the Explorer and then change its Face property.

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