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Http Analyzer

Http Analyzer

Aug 29 2019, 9:22 AM PST 2 min

The HTTP Analyzer is a tool used to determine how many web calls a game makes while running. This includes both explicit calls made through the HttpService along with web requests made by Roblox Lua API, such as the ones made by the DataStoreService and the GroupService. This tool is intended to be used both to identify problems and to verify the result of fixes and optimizations.

Viewing the HTTP Analyzer

The HTTP Analyzer can be accessed through the Developer Console. The tool is split between two tabs: Client Http and Server Http. These tabs break down the web traffic for the local client and the server respectively. In both cases the window is formatted in the same way.

Summary View

At the top of the window is a summary list of the web calls, organized by type, and information about that type of call. This includes how many times the type was requested, how requests failed, and time statistics on how long the calls took to make.


List View

Below the summary is a list of every individual web call. Each line shows the HTTP method (e.g. GET, POST, etc), along with the status code, time to execute, type of request, and the URL of the request. Note that Server HTTP will only show a list of calls made through HttpService.


By default this list is arranged in order of request time, but the list can be sorted by any of the headers by clicking on the header name.

Response Body View

Clicking on any row in the list view will show details on the response.


This view can be dismissed by clicking anywhere in the Response Body panel.

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