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Particle Emitters – Water Fountain

Particle Emitters – Water Fountain

Aug 29 2019, 9:24 AM PST 10 min

In this tutorial, we will use terrain and custom particles to create a fountain.


We will start making the fountain by adding the water using terrain tools. Click on the Add button. Move the Size slider all the way to the left, change the shape to a cube, turn on Snap to Grid, and change the Material to Water.


Use the Add tool to create a small ring of water.


Next, insert a Part for the base of the fountain. This base should be a little wider than the ring of water. With a small ring like shown above, the base should measure 14 studs by 14 studs. Use the Move tool to center the part at the bottom of the ring of water.


Next, add 4 parts for the wall of the fountain. Put them along the edges of the part we added earlier. Make sure each part is 2 studs thick and is tall enough to cover the water.


Now, add another part to put in the middle of the fountain. We need to make sure it fully covers the hole in the center of the water so make sure it is 4 studs wide and deep.


At this point, we are done with the structure of the fountain. To get rid of the seams between the parts we can use Solid Modeling to fuse all of the parts together. Select all of the parts in the fountain, click on the Model tab and then click Union.


We now need to add the effect of water spraying to the center of the fountain. This will require a special object called a ParticleEmitter. Before we add that though, we need a part for the particles to emit from. Insert a new part and position it at the center of the fountain. In the Model tab use the Surface tool to make the top of this part smooth.


Click on the part we just added, then click on the Model tab, then select ParticleEmitter from the Effects dropdown.


The part will now start emitting particles:


The default texture for ParticleEmitters is a star. This can work for certain effects but doesn’t look that great for water. Let’s use a custom texture for this emitter. Right-click on the following image and select Save image as…. Save the picture on your computer in a place you can easily remember.


The easiest way to add this texture to our game is to first publish our game. Click on the File menu and select Save to Roblox As… and save your current place to one of your save slots.

Now we can add the texture to the ParticleEmitter. Click on the View tab and open the Explorer and Properties. Select the ParticleEmitter in the Explorer (it will be inside the Part we last inserted).


In the Properties window find the property called Texture. This is the image used for each of the particles. Click on the Texture property and select Add Image….


Select the image that you saved before. This will change the particles from stars to smoke.


Smoke is a better texture to use than stars, but it still doesn’t look like water. Let’s make some changes to the particle emitter to make the particles look more like a water spray. First, click on the drop-down next to the Color property and change the Start color to a light teal. Also change LightEmission to .5.


We can also change the size of the particles over time. Click on the Size property and then on the button that appears in the value. This opens a graph that represents the particle size over time. We want the particles to shrink so drag the right endpoint to the bottom of the graph.


We should also make the particles start slightly transparent and fade over time. Click on the Transparency property and then on the button that appears in the value. Drag the left endpoint to the middle of the graph, and leave the right endpoint on the bottom.


The particles now look good, but they don’t fall like water. To make the waterfall, change Acceleration to 0, -10, 0. We will also make the particles shoot up faster by setting Speed to 15. To make the particles spray outward, change VelocitySpread to 5. To make the particles rotate open the drop-down next to RotSpeed and change Min to -90 and Max to 90.


Lastly, we need to increase the number of particles that are emitted and also decrease how long the particles last. Change Rate to 200 and Lifetime to 4.


We now have a fountain!


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