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Configuring a Place

Configuring a Place

Aug 29 2019, 9:21 AM PST

Roblox games are made up of individual places. A place is like a level or stage in a larger game — it contains the building blocks, terrain, user interfaces, game logic, and everything else that makes up a level.

Every time you publish one of your creations to Roblox, it becomes a place that you can assign to an overall game, either as the “starting place” for players who enter the game, or as a place that players can be moved to through the Articles/Teleporting Between Places|TeleportService methods.

Place Settings

Places can be configured through different paths:

  • From Places on the Create page, select Configure Place from the right-side pull down menu.
  • On the place’s detail page, click in the upper-right corner of the place box, then click Configure this Place.

There are eight sections of the configuration page, each containing different groups of place settings.

Basic Settings

The first tab is Basic Settings. From this section you can change the name of the place and its description.

Game Icon

The second tab brings up the Game Icon section which allows you to upload a game icon. This icon will appear with your game on the Games page. If you don’t upload a custom icon, Roblox will choose one from a default icon collection.

See the Articles/Game Icons Tips|Game Icons article for tips and best practices on creating game icons.


The third section is Thumbnails which differ from game icons. Rather than appearing on the general Games page, thumbnails appear on your game’s dedicated page. You can upload both image and video thumbnails to promote your game.

See the Articles/Thumbnail|Game Thumbnails and Videos article for details on creating thumbnails.


The Access section lets you set the supported platforms, who can access the place, server settings, etc.

Option Description
Playable Devices Which type of devices your game supports. If any of these are unselected, players on those device types will receive a message that the game is unavailable.
Game Access This portion currently contains only one option: whether to sell access to the game or not. If checked, you can enter a price between 25 and 1000 Robux. Roblox then calculates the marketplace fee and the amount you'll receive after this fee. Note that members of the Roblox Builders Club will earn a much higher percentage of Robux for each access sold (70%) compared to non-members (10%).
Maximum Player Count The maximum number of players allowed in one running instance of the place.
Server Fill This setting determines how players are assigned to game servers:
  • Roblox optimizes server fill for me — This is the default setting; Roblox will fill your server to optimize for the best social gameplay experience, but never beyond the maximum player count.
  • Fill each server as full as possible — All game servers will fill up to the maximum player count, if possible, leaving no room for others to join. Choosing this option may prevent players from joining the game with their friends.
  • Customize how many server slots to reserve — Specify the number of server slots to reserve, versus letting Roblox decide (players are more likely to join their friends in a game if you reserve more slots).
Access Lets you control whether everyone or only your friends can join the place. For group creations, the "Friends" option is replaced with "Group Members." Note that if you're selling game access or if VIP servers are enabled, you cannot restrict access in this way.
VIP Servers If this option is checked, players can purchase Articles/Creating a VIP Server on Roblox|VIP servers and enter them. Note that members of the Roblox Builders Club will earn a much higher percentage of Robux for each VIP server sold (70%) compared to non-members (10%). See Articles/Creating a VIP Server on Roblox|VIP Servers for details.


This section allows you to control various permissions.

Option Description
Gear Permissions These settings let you control the gear that players can bring in. You can limit gear to the genre (or allow all genres) and choose what types of gear are allowed. See Articles/Earning Commissions for details on adding gear.
Allow Copying Whether to allow other Roblox developers to make copies of the place. See Articles/Protecting Your Creations for details.

Version History

In the Version History section, you can see all of the place updates that were made and when they were created. You can revert to any previous version by clicking its button.

Developer Products

In the Developer Products section, you can manage the Articles/Developer Products In Game Purchases|developer products for the place.


This section contains two in-game permissions entries: whether to allow the place to be used as a template, and whether to allow the place to be updated.

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