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Script Performance Window

Script Performance Window

Aug 29 2019, 9:23 AM PST 2 min

What is the script performance window?

The script performance window’s purpose is to allow scripters to see how much CPU their scripts use. This allows them to make the necessary optimizations to their code so that they don’t hog up the CPU. To access the script performance window, go to View > Scripts in the Roblox Studio.



Column Description
Name The name of the script.
Count The number of duplicates of that script. Changing the name of those scripts won't affect this.
Activity The percent of CPU power that the script and its duplicates are using.
ate How often the script is executed over the total time.


This performance window shows the activity that each type of script is currently using. This can be used to help debug or optimize a script. According to the blog post, any activity greater than 3% is generally bad. If a script or group of scripts have a much higher activity, you should look at the script and try to optimize it. However, make sure it’s pretty much done before doing this as premature optimization is a bad idea. In addition, this window can show you if an optimization you made was actually worth it. Otherwise, if a script uses very little activity most or all of the time, you can generally just leave it alone.

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