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Top Down Action: Setup

Top Down Action: Setup

Aug 29 2019, 9:24 AM PST 5 min

To get started, you will first need the base level for the game. Click on the following link and press the Edit button inside the configuration menu. This will automatically launch Roblox Studio and load a copy of the level.

Link to Place


Explorer Overview

Let’s go over how the Explorer is organized so we can know where to find all of the elements of our game.


The Workspace, as always, contains all of the environment and NPCs in our game. The Workspace is divided into several folders:

  • BossFight: contains the elements of the boss fight sequence of the game with the exception of MrBoss himself who is in the Robots folder.
  • HealthPacks: contains all of the healing consumables in the game.
  • LevelGeometry: contains the parts that make up the rooms and doors in the game. This folder is divided into a folder for each room and a folder for each door.
  • Pies: starts off empty but will contain all of the pies that the player launches at the robots.
  • Props: contains various elements in the environment that aren’t the basic components of the rooms.
  • Robots: contains all of the enemy robot models.

ReplicatedStorage is used to store elements that both the server and client will need to access. In this case it is just holding a RemoteEvent called ShowDialog the server will later use to instruct the clients to display a message.

ServerStorage is used to store elements that only the server has access to. ServerStorage in our game has three folders:

  • Models: stores simple models that will need to get copied into the Workspace. In this case it only contains a model for the pie that the player and PiBots will be launching.
  • RobotScripts: Contains the scripts that will define the behavior of the robots in the game.
  • Robots: Contains the models for the various robots in our game that need to be copied in when they are summoned by MrBoss or SummonerBots.

StarterPack contains tools, weapons, and equipment that will automatically be given to players when they join the game. Our game just has one tool, the PieLauncher, which the player will use to launch pies at robots to destroy them.

StarterPlayer will contain all of the LocalScript|LocalScripts used to get input from the player and display UI elements. At the moment it just contains a BindableEvent inside of StarterPlayerScripts which is needed for controls to display correctly on mobile devices.