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Constraint Body Movers

Constraint Body Movers

Aug 29 2019, 9:18 AM PST 5 min

This article outlines body movers based on the Constraint class. These are more modern equivalents of the legacy BodyMover movers.


AngularVelocity is a physics constraint that applies torque on a body to maintain a given angular velocity. It allows for easy implementation of angular friction and other spinning effects.

To create an AngularVelocity constraint in Studio, select Angular Velocity from the constraint/attachment Create menu in the Model tab.


The following table outlines the unique properties of the AngularVelocity object.

Property Description Default
AngularVelocity/AngularVelocity|AngularVelocity A datatype/Vector3|Vector3 force applied to achieve and maintain an angular velocity for the body. This vector is applied in the datatype/CFrame|CFrame expressed by the AngularVelocity/RelativeTo|RelativeTo property. (0,0,0)
AngularVelocity/MaxTorque|MaxTorque Magnitude of the maximum torque the constraint can apply. 0
AngularVelocity/RelativeTo|RelativeTo The datatype/CFrame|CFrame in which the AngularVelocity/AngularVelocity|AngularVelocity force is specified. If set to World, the angular velocity vector is used as is. If set to Attachment1, the angular velocity is transformed by the datatype/CFrame|CFrame of the assigned attachment. Enum/ActuatorRelativeTo/World|World
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