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R15 vs. R6 Avatars

R15 vs. R6 Avatars

Aug 29 2019, 9:20 AM PST 5 min

In Roblox, there are two types of avatar models, R15 (newer) and R6 (older). As the name suggests, the newer R15 avatar is composed of 15 body parts, while the older R6 avatar is composed of just 6 parts.

What Makes R15 Special

R15 characters look more lively and more animated, while staying true to Roblox’s traditional blocky aesthetic. Here are the main differences:

Additional Parts

The R6 avatar has a very limited range of motion because it only contains 6 parts. For example, it’s difficult to make a realistic crouch animation when the character can’t bend its knees! The R15 avatar fixes this problem by splitting up the body into several more parts:

R6 R15
Head Head
Torso UpperTorso
Left Arm LeftUpperArm
Right Arm RightUpperArm
Left Leg LeftUpperLeg
Right Leg RightUpperLeg


An Attachment is an object that specifies a position and a rotation relative to a part. This makes it much easier to calculate how objects should be connected to each other with constraints.

With the R15 avatar, there are many more attachments which you can choose from to attach an object like an Accessory to a character’s body.

MeshParts vs. Parts

For R15 avatars, every part except for the head and Humanoid/RootPart|HumanoidRootPart are now MeshPart|MeshParts instead of Part|Parts. MeshPart|MeshParts have all the same properties as parts do, with the addition of a MeshPart/MeshId|MeshID that allows for non-block shaped parts. The default R15 rig has a set of meshes that give a “beveled” look to the character.

Avatar Type Game Setting

Game creators can choose whether or not to support R15 characters. To access this setting:

  1. Open the Game Settings window from the Home tab in Roblox Studio.
  1. Select the Avatar tab in the left column.
  2. In the Avatar Type section, you can choose whether to morph all in-game characters to R6, R15, or let players decide.
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