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Roblox is more than an online entertainment platform, it’s an educational tool where the opportunities for creativity and imagination are limitless. We offer free software and curriculum to teach students of all ages topics like computer science, digital citizenship, and entrepreneurial skills.

Free Tools and Software

Roblox provides a free, all-in-one development tool that allows students to build 3D worlds, script games, and even publish their works online. No subscriptions fees or licenses required.

Easy to Implement Lessons

We provide free curriculum in a variety of topics and age ranges to help you get started quickly. Roblox lessons are built to meet specific learning outcomes in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) classrooms and curriculum standards, such as ISTE.

Get Trained

Interested in bringing Roblox into your classroom? Learn how to use Roblox Studio, the software used to create all Roblox games.

Setup Classrooms

Install Roblox Studio and get resources on privacy and safety.

Get Free Curriculum

Explore lesson plans and tutorials using Roblox in the classroom

Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions such as suggested age ranges and coding with Roblox


Featured Lesson

Interested in trying out your first lesson?

Intro to Game Design and Coding

Create your first game in Roblox. For ages 10 and up.


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